Buy Super Filagra

Buy Filagra

Many men were already tested not once, that sex is a calamity, because extremity, in spite of vast unrestrained erotic excitation, is not excited or premature exclamation made off an act. Super Filagra is correct for you, if you want to manage editing and exclamation. Super Filagra (Viagra + of Priligy) combines two active ingredients together. Each - sildenafil, that is this, ordinary Viagra of preparation, and other Dapoxetine, that guarantees that exclamation is deferred, thus preventing premature exclamation.Super Filagrais in addition to treatment erectile to disfunction, also wont to detain exclamation. Premature exclamation is avoided. One pill of Filagra contains 60 mgs of dapoxetine, and 100 mgs of sildenafil of citrate Super(Viagra + of Priligy).
Sildenafil is a powerful and select inhibitor of PDE - 5, his effect can do in the strong and protracted editing. Games of serotonin of neurotransmitter from the point of view of exclamation are an important prohibitive role. Dapoxetine blocks the conveyer of serotonin. From this blockade remains the serotonin of neurotransmitter during more great while, attached to the certain fibres of nerve in a brain that in turn detained the results of exclamation in premature exclamation and can be prevented. One advantage of FILAGRA Super consists of that effect of two drugs, sildenafil citrate, and dapoxetine, together on the way, that will allow the strong and protracted editing and it also, prevents premature exclamation. Taking Super Filagra (Viagra + of Priligy) easily, because a pill is taken orally and only that swallowed. Sildenafil citrate quickly eaten up by your body and a complete effect is attained during 30 minutes.
Dapoxetine also quickly taken in by your body, but by the peak of his activity attained a bit later, approximately after 90 minutes. Perceptible influences, however, stick to in a flow at least 15 hours.Filagra is available to be obtained different dosages: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg. Talking about advantages about this drug, several points can be outlined. However, there is the need outline the main three of them. At first, Filagra is produced by giant Indian pharmaceutical company located in India, which has reputation of experienced, successful, reliable and leading manufacturer with perfect reputation confirmed by dozens of years of pharmacy market participation. At second, the main component of Filagra is sildenafil cirate, which is absolutely save for people with such helath troubles as diabetes and much less intolerant to patients with heart diseases, in comparison to its analogues.